Mr. Millan


Richgrove Elementary School





Students of Richgrove,


I hope you have all had a wonderful summer break and have managed to enjoy your time off, even with all the hot weather we have had that last few weeks.  Summer is a time to enjoy life a little and remove yourself from the stress of daily school responsibilities. I hope you have all managed to do that to help maintain a healthy balance of work, school and time for yourself.  It is so important to enjoy life a little in order to give your best when needed in the area of work.


As we begin to wind down this time of re-energization and rest, we get closer to focusing our new energy on the work that we must do here at school to grow in our knowledge, our enthusiasm for school and our desire to get better at everything we do.  We must start to gear our mindset to allow for growth, patience and understanding.  Tolerance for those things that are difficult must be built up so that we do not give in to frustration with things that do not go our way or as planned.  If we are prepared to get a little better at everything we do each day, those slivers of improvement and steps forward will eventually lead to a progressive path of improvement that will bode well for us as students and staff.  So as you begin to see our school year unfold please see it through the lens of a “Growth Mindset,” and plan on being at your best when you best is needed.


When you arrive at Richgrove School you will notice a small facelift to the campus that we hope will allow you to be even more proud of our school and make it a place where you feel comfortable and have daily successes.  Richgrove School is a place where we want you to make positive experiences happen so that when you look back upon it in the future you can say it was a place of comfort, peace, educational growth and great relationships.  With that said, some of the grounds work will still be ongoing upon your arrival, but we hope to have it completed within a few weeks.  These improvements will be so that all of you can enjoy not only the inside of the classrooms, but the outside environments as well.  The District and School Board hopes that you are happy with the small changes when you come across them.


Students it is imperative that you get the rest that is needed to be at your best while at school.  Go to bed at an early hour and make sure you are refreshed each morning as you start your day.  Being well rested is a crucial element in the growing of knowledge, the delivery of information and the ability to focus on the goal of getting better every single day.  We want everyone at his or her best at every interaction.  Being in the right state of mind, and body, is necessary so we can work together to become better at all that we do.  We want everyone to enjoy all their days here with us and to build long lasting positive relationships that will carry us when we come across difficult teaching and learning scenarios. 


I look forward to seeing all of your smiling and rested faces in a few weeks as you come to school or just visit as parent or alumni.  I hope everyone had an amazing summer and are ready to have an even better school year.  A positive experience starts with a positive outlook! Remember we can all get better; there is nothing you cannot do IF YOU have a “Growth Mindset!”



Mario Millan


Richgrove School District

Go Warriors!

Respectful, Responsible & Ready to Learn…The Warrior Way!



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